He Owns 3 Most Popular Sugar Daddy Dating Sites Online(Father of Seeking Arrangement)

seeking arrangement

"There is no true love."

The people who said this created a $30 million dating website empire."I mean, there's no such thing as love at first sight, real love for a fawn."He put his hands on his chest and shook them dramatically, mimicking a heartbeat.

"True love is a concept invented by the poor."

His name is Brandon Wade. His hairline is a bit backward, tall and thin, usually wear simple plaid shirt and jeans, wearing a pair of gray frame glasses. It may be hard for someone who doesn't know him to imagine that this nerdy, unattractive man has started and run several dating sites that are considered pimps.

Unlike free dating sites. Seeking Arrangement, which deals with sugar daddy and sugar baby. Seeking Millionaire. Miss Travel, which provides free escorting for male users, What's Your Price? Open Minded is for finding objects with 3P and 4P.

Among them, Seeking Arrangement is the most profitable to promote the relationship of subsistence Arrangement. Successful rich dads are willing to pay for gifts and date young, sexy sugar baby. Currently, the site has about 4 million sugar baby and 1.2 million registered dads in 139 countries around the world, 25 percent of whom are married.

"True love is a concept invented by the poor."In Wade's opinion, poor people are easy to fall in love, but only rich people can express love easily and in a variety of ways.

"True love is about solving problems for each other and getting what you need."He gave a sly smile. "You read a good book and you will be successful without a girlfriend," the site's central concept comes from a piece of advice her mother gave Wade 30 years ago.

Wade was born into a Chinese-Singaporean family. His Chinese name is Wei li, which means "independent".He was a top student and won the Olympic prize. After high school, he was admitted to the physics department of the Massachusetts Institute of technology. But this gifted student has an ineffable secret: to pursue a girl to know nothing.

Brandon Wade is in the elevator home. Before the bursting of us real estate bubble in 2008, many luxury city-style apartment buildings were built along the strip. Brandon's apartment is in one of those buildings that were built between 2006 and 2007.

Wade planned to express his love to the girl he had long been longing for."When I got up, I accidentally stepped on her foot! When he stood up, his face was like a hot iron, red and hot. There was only enough courage left for him to say something vaguely, "I'm shy."The girl laughed all the way."From then on, every time I saw her from a distance, I turned around and ran."

Wade, who got a well-paid job at a tech company after his master's degree, still has a tough time. To help him find a girlfriend, he set up a self-catering dating website in 2006 and became the first registered member.

"Don't you think it fits well with the traditional Asian dating culture? Men are responsible for loving women. Wade said.

"How many sugar babies have you dated?"

"Too many."He gave a mysterious smile.

seeking arrangement

"I'm happy, but I want more."

Chelsey, 25, has curly blond hair, a delicate makeup and a tight-fitting vest with a crop of bellybutton holes and a short skirt. She first heard the term sugar baby only a year ago."I thought that sounds strange!"Chelsey smiled sweetly.

However, she soon became addicted."I tried for the first time, and then I couldn't stop." That time, she had dinner with a New York dad, and when she got home, she opened her purse and found it contained an extra $1,000.Before sugar baby, she worked as a waitress in a restaurant for $8 an hour.

In the year she dated her dads, Chelsey received a package allowance of about $250,000, which she used to pay off college student loans.

According to statistics, more than 70 percent of American college graduates in 2015 took out school loans, with an average loan of $35,500.About 1.4 million sugar babies registered with Seeking Arrangement are female college students who receive an average of $3,000 in gifts and allowances each month.

"Be a sugar baby, say goodbye to the school loan." is the marketing strategy promoted by Wade's team, many of them from New York University, Columbia University, and other famous universities. "I'm happy, but I want more."Chelsey laughed again like a silver bell. Now, she is preparing to create her own fashion brand."My brand is going after Kardashian, and a couple of dads are helping me, and will open stores in Las Vegas and California in the future."

According to an article circulated online, "the Sugar baby golden rule," always have a Plan B and don't just rely on subsistence allowances.

Chelsey is dating multiple Sugar Daddies at the same time. That's more than a full-time job, she says. Now Chelsey is dating 12 dads, ranging from 30 to 60, from doctors to finance, real estate, gambling, and restaurant businessmen.

At one point, she dated three dads named Todd at the same time and accidentally made a mistake while texting on her cell phone."Fortunately, they didn't notice.""Chelsey said as she reached over to cover her laughing mouth.

For married dads, Chelsey takes particular care not to contact them."Married people usually don't need much attention. They just want to have a beautiful girl and play with him from time to time."Article 7 of the "Sugar baby golden rule", avoid clingy, protect the privacy of the father, and never expose the relationship on social media.

For prospective adoptive dads, Chelsey is almost always available, married, ugly and old."I'll never see anyone who has a strange personality, drinks too much go to bed on a first date."

Is it looking for love?

Wade said his website has a strict user filtering and reporting mechanism, and that malicious users who harass others and attempt prostitution will be removed. His Ukrainian branch is responsible for user authentication, and every photo and profile posted is reviewed by a real person. A photo of an American man on a blacklist hangs on the wall of the branch office. He is said to be unable to pay the promised maintenance money, but he is obsessed with dating sugar baby and has had many money disputes. He has signed up several times on the website and been repeatedly removed.

The site is a tool, like a sharp knife, dangerous or useful. Wade and his underlings all gave the same standard answer to the tough ethical questions about custody relationships: "the key is how you use the tool. If you use it incorrectly, we'll kick you out of the site.

Women who try to exchange sex for money will also be kicked out of the site, but the filter doesn't seem to be seamless. In 2013, a 51-year-old Google executives "andie" sudden death on their private yacht, California, with beside the 26-year-old sugar baby was alleged to have injection heroin for him, and when he produces the negative reaction to the drug didn't call the police for help, and left the scene. The woman was investigated as a professional call girl.

Chelsey does not see his actions as synonymous with prostitution."I date men who help me financially, like people have boyfriends. Dating multiple people at the same time? A lot of people do that. Chelsey's face broke into a sweet smile. In her opinion, in a normal relationship, the woman will often accept the man's payment for dinner and travel, flowers and gifts.

"Of course, I took this to an extreme level."Sexual relationships are part of Chelsey's money-transfer relationship with 12 dads, so the line between prostitution and dating becomes blurred.

Chelsey said she did not have sex with every father and that the sex did not involve money."If I sleep with them, it's because I want to sleep with them."The dads didn't reward her with money for sex, but gave her sexy lingerie as a gift. Wade has repeatedly stressed that having sex is not an inevitable part of dating, but a consensual decision between two adults.

Not think of themselves as prostitutes, but Chelsey frankly admits that he is the love of money: "I am the gold-digger (gold diggers have), don't think this has what a shame," pack up Chelsey smile before, said calmly, "I am very happy, men are also very happy, a win-win situation."

"Just because it involves sex and money doesn't mean it's prostitution."Wade was booed when he defended his hosting site on a popular American talk show. His website has been criticized in the United States. "most of the reports that have been directed at us have been negative."Not only has sugar baby been pushed into the spotlight, but the rich dad has also been accused of buying love with money.

Do people sign up for this dating site to find love?"The ultimate goal of every sugar baby is to marry a sugar daddy."Chelsey defended the sugar babies. However, none of the registered fathers on the website of the tele-media link would like to be interviewed.

Wade says many people are looking for love on his website. Even if some people just want to play, the chemistry of love can happen at the most unexpected time. Many couples who met on the site ended up marrying, he said."But if you're just looking for someone to marry, sign up for Millionaire Match."