How to Succeed on Free Dating Sites(in Just 3 Steps)

Free Dating Sites

Free dating sites are a pool of excitement. The opportunities are endless, and the perfect match should be within arm’s reach, right? Well, think again. Spend enough time on free dating sites, and you’ll soon find out the frustration of finding a good match.

Even the best dating sites are a hassle. The hot ones online end up being unresponsive. The conversations you have with prospects can just vanish into thin air. And most of the time, you end talking to people who con you in their looks.

But no worries. Free dating sites are a potential platform to find your ideal match. You’ve just got to do your due diligence, with the right set of actions. This is what we’ll help you out with. Below, we’ll show you how to succeed on free dating sites!

First Impressions – Your Main Profile Picture

This is the most important factor when learning how to succeed on free dating sites. If you can’t land a good 1st impression, then good luck meeting an ideal date. Your potential dates won’t spend much time reading your profile. Especially hotter prospects, who usually get messaged a lot. Expect your idea match to ignore you if your profile pic isn’t up to par.

The Best (Realistic Picture) You Can Find. Don’t choose a cheesy or foolish photo for your profile. Look for a picture that’s calm and relaxed. Make sure the picture implies that you’re a fun and social person to be around.

Don’t pick a picture that’s too strict or serious. Avoid professional photos if possible. Instead, try to present yourself in a casual light. With the right picture, you won’t just impress prospects that your message. But the rate you’ll get messaged at will go up.

Next – Your Profile Information

Your profile picture is the click bait you use to get people to see your profile. And we think the picture is very important… But if you don’t structure your profile well, then a lot of those clicks won’t stay for long.

Remember, online dating is about finding someone that you like, in looks and interests. And interests are what your profile is for. Just be honest. Put your interests out there, without fear or shame. For example, maybe you like gaming at a competitive level. Or maybe you have odd collection hobbies, like souvenirs or plants. Whatever you do, just be honest.

Also, don’t forget to write a bit about your career or studies. You may find a date with a similar professional path, and that’s a good bonus.Get a Friend’s Advice. A trusted friend can evaluate whether the information in your profile is honest or not.

They can also evaluate the impression that your profile information gives off. After all, you don’t want a profile that attracts crazy or unstable individuals. With that, you now have a decent profile for a good online dating experience. What comes after that point is a matter of conversational skills.

Hustling for a Reply – The 1st First Message and How to Move Offline

There’s a reason we call this hustling. You see, free dating sites are more of a probabilities game. If you want to get more replies, you’ve got to send out more messages. It’s that simple. And, your chances of success increase if you message someone with similar interests. Before messaging someone, read their profiles well. Look for common interests, and try to message them on that.

Practice. The more messages you send out, the better you’ll get. Don’t fret if you feel you’re being ignored too much. Adjust your messages to what works, learn from successful models, and keep trying. Over time, writing a nice 1st message will come to you automatically. It’ll be effortless.

When Writing That Message… Make sure that your message doesn’t trigger or set off the alarms of your prospect. For example, with someone who’s not very attractive, don’t compliment their looks. And the opposite is true, where a looks compliment isn’t effective with someone attractive.

Keep the Conversation Going. Being on the internet, you have the advantage of thinking hard before you speak. Your goal should be to get to know the person briefly, before moving to social media. Get to a point where you can share social media profiles. It’ll be an opportunity to get away from the dating site. And it’s an opportunity to do more research on that person’s profile.

Check to see their interests in-depth. Also, make sure that their dating profile matches their social media one. Beyond furthering your convo, it’s also an honesty check. Even the best dating sites don’t supply enough information on potential partners. So go to social media, where you can easily learn more about your match!

Final Word. Online dating is not a success, until the 2nd date. With the 1st offline date, you make sure that you like your date’s looks and personality. With the 2nd date, you’ve established that you like the person, and you want to keep going. That’s it! This is how to succeed on free dating sites, in just 3 steps!