How to Choose Pictures For Your Dating Profile

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The images you use on your dating profile can attract or put off potential matches. Using the right pictures will bring in matches, explain your personality, and show people how you look. By using images that are accurate, honest, and show what you actually look like, you are setting the stage for a good date.

If you use pictures which don't represent who you are, you will be starting off the date on false presidence. This is a bad way to begin any relationship.

Your Profile Picture

Your profile picture is the most important image on your page. It draws in interested parties and leads them dig up more information from your profile. You should find a picture that is both interesting and properly represents how you look. It should display your personality and look friendly and inviting.

Most users display a portrait (from the neck up). This is helpful because when single people are browsing through the site, they are presented with a small image. If you use a full body pic, it might be too small to get a good idea of what they look like.

It helps if you present a friendly image in which you are smiling or engaging in a fun activity.

Hobby Images

One study showed that images which show a user engaging in an interest or hobby attracted more attention. People who presented themselves surfing, painting, or performing another type of activity generated a much higher level of interest.

Hobby pictures also demonstrate that you like to have fun and do interesting activities. It shows that you might be fun to go out on a date with.

Full Body Images

Uploading pictures that show your full body are important.

They give the other singles an accurate representation of what you look like. You should include multiple pictures that show your whole face and body.

By uploading 3-5 pics, you are giving the other person a good idea of what you look like. You pictures will also give the important information about hobbies, friends , and family.

How you look is an important part of chemistry. By showing alot of pictures, you are reducing the chance that you will have an uncomfortable date. If you upload alot of good accurate pictures and the other person agrees to go out on a date, they know and like how you look.

Knowing that the other person is physically attracted to you will be a good confidence booster on your date.

Family Images

Some people prefer to not expose details of their family, especially if they have small kids. This is up to your personal preference, but it is often recommended that you wait to introduce online daters to your kids after a few dates.

Many daters just choose to upload pics of friends, older family members, and people from their employment.

Should you Smile in All Your Pictures?

You would think that smiling in your pics would attract the most people. But, a recent study showed that men and women have different responses to pictures in which the person was smiling.

Women were sometimes put off by pictures of men that were smiling. They were more attracted to pictures in which the men displayed masculine traits.

On the other hand, men more attracted to women who where smiling. Smiling showed less traits or characteristics of dominance. Feminine traits like happiness and receptivity were most attractive to males.