How to Be Viewed 5 Times More on Free Dating Sites(More View Equals More Matches)

Free Dating Sites

Even when meeting new people free dating sites can give you confidence and make you feel less shy, and even when it increases the opportunities of meeting all kind of people from anywhere in the world, it can be a harder game than what one first thought it would be.

To succeed on these dating sites, you can't just put yourself out there without a strategy. Since you have the same opportunities that thousands of other people, you must be clever with the profile picture you choose, the way you describe yourself and even with the way you approach others. Otherwise, your chances of matching with someone else on niche dating sites can decrease a lot.

Back in 2017, We made a study about what are the most successful online daters doing to attract matches. And here are some of the most helpful tips we got from that:

Choosing the perfect profile picture

If you choose a picture that shows your full body, you'll get more attention than those profile pictures in which you can't see how really looks the person. Select photos of you with a good quality. A blurry picture won't attract as much attention as a well taken one.

Pick a picture of you alone. Group pictures are tricky because it's hard to identify the person behind that profile. In consequence, a picture like that will increase your chances of being ignored on free dating sites.

Last but not least, this tip goes for men: women prefer a full body picture of a man that's standing in an outdoor setting rather than a picture in front of a mirror. Even though girls like to see a good body just as much as guys do, they don't like pretentious men. So, if you can look hot in a natural way, like without even trying it, go for it!

How to describe yourself on free dating sites

You must do your best to give the impression that your an honest person. It's important that you describe yourself as someone honest but, more than that, you must make it believable. The best way to do this is to show people that you're a real person: talk openly about your hobbies, interests, and expectations.

Making people laugh will guarantee a lot of matches. Everybody loves people with a good sense of humor. So if you manage to make some jokes while describing yourself, you'll probably get great results.

Being healthy is trendy right now. People want to find others with a healthy lifestyle, so describing yourself as a healthy person will earn you some extra points. Just be careful and do not lie about it. Remember that being honest is what people value the most.

When and how often to text someone

Timing is crucial on niche dating sites. If you can get the person you're interested in at the right moment, you'll get its full attention. And that is priceless. So, consider that women often get online between 10:00 pm and 11:00 pm. On the other side, men usually get online between 9:00 pm and 10:00 pm.

Your first message it's very important since it will be the first impression people will get of you. Try not to make it too short or too general. Do better than just a "Hello", but don't overdo it either. Remember that on the Internet, everything happens really fast, so writing too much will probably bore the other person.

Now you're ready to start your adventure on niche dating sites! Be creative, honest and pull out the best version of yourself!


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