How to Create an Awesome Profile on Niche Dating Sites(5 Tips to Get More Match)

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As the newcomer of a niche dating site, set up your profile must be the first step. Not everyone understands that dating profile is so important in online dating.

Most people will decide whether to contact you after checking your profile.

Then how to create an awesome profile on niche dating sites? After learned from some wonderful profiles on free dating sites, we found that profiles with these features are most popular.

1 The profile has a good username

You want your username to be unique, that's fine. But don't take too much. For example "John397" and "bullshit2", which one do you prefer? Do you really want to meet a "bullshit2" guy?

2 The profile has more words

The more you tell in your profile, the more chance people will be interested in you. You don't want to contact a guy only with "Hard to say." or "..." in the profile, right?

You can tell others about your hobbies, your life experience, your values, your ideal partner, date ideas and what else you want to share. People will know you better by your honest words.

3 The profile has more photos

There's an old saying in the dating industry."One picture worth a thousand words." some people will fall in love at first sight. Even a clear and beautiful photo can make this happen.

Profile with photos is viewed 6 times more than the profile with words only. But do remember, don't upload blurry photos, ugly photos, and unsuited photos.

4 The profile has "call to action" slogan

"Drop me a line." "Ask me if you want to know more." "Looking for a sugar baby? Just let me know." Do these words sound familiar? Yes, these are "call to action" slogan.

Just try to use these words in your profile, you will be shocked to see the messages in your inbox.

5 The profile has good grammar

Always double-check your grammar to make sure your profile is readable. Maybe you are good at speaking, but good writing is more important in a dating profile.

After all, the key to set up an awesome dating profile is pay more attention. Show yourself with limited words and photos.


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